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Property Features

Property Features

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list of Features.

  • User frontend is validated to XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.
  • New Graphical Administrative Interface.
  • Built in WYSIWYG page editor for modifying non database pages.
  • New Easy Installer to reduce setup time.
  • Allows visitors to look through your real estate listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365.25 days a year.
  • Easily keep your property listings updated -- no HTML coding required to add, delete, or modify listings.
  • Built-in image manager -- upload photos via your web browser, either when creating new listings or modifying an existing one. If photos are not uploaded for a property, a "photo not available" image will be automatically displayed for the listing.
  • Automatically thumbnails -- smaller versions of your images are automatically created through the GD library.
  • Automagically interfaces with Yahoo Maps -- potential customers will always know exactly where to find your property.
  • Flexible database backend -- compatible with mysql, oracle, microsoft SQL, etc... through the ADODB abstraction layer.
  • Secure -- no one but you can change your listings.
  • Easy to install -- just edit a single configuration file.
  • Showcase specific properties -- built-in featured listing manager allows you to place special offerings right on your front page.
  • Flexible search -- browse properties according to whatever criteria you like.
  • Configurable forms -- Don't like the form choices included in Open-Realty? Change them to meet your needs!
  • Template system -- produce a sophisticated site without any knowledge of PHP