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Specialise in database driven Property web site applications, with easy to maintain property websites. We can deliver to you a Property site to match your current branding and more...

Property Demo

See for yourself just how easy it is to manage your properties online by trying our online demo

try the demo as a potentional property customer

See how potential customers will view your property portfolio and how they can browse, search and save items, plus recive email updates of all new properties added to your property portfolio data base.

try the site as the site administrator

Take a look around and see just how easy it is to administer property portfolio. As the administrator you can add Agents to you property data base. View and add properties to your site. Upload images from a click of a button and more...

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Please Note: Access to the property administration section is set to demo mode. This means any changes you make will not be written to the database. The property database updates every 6 hours.